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Sponsor a girl for a year
Sponsor a girl for a year Once a girl has finished primary education in Gambia their education is no longer free. They don't have to pay school fees as boys do, thanks to a government initiative to increase attendance, but they do need to provide uniform and school stationery, pay school, IT and exam fees as well as buy their textbooks. These things all add up. The costs don't seem much to us in the west but when you are a subsistence farmer having money to spend on education is difficult to spare. Many children drop out of school to work on their farms, or worse, sit around with nothing to do. A girl's education is not always valued and providing even a small amount of support can encourage families to let their children go to school.
Helping a child complete a secondary education will help them to realise their potential and allow them to contribute to their community's sustainable development. BEA works closely with the Bansang community and teachers to ensure progress of the child. updates and termly reports can be sent to you, the sponsor so you can see how your gift is improving a child's life.
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August 17, 2018
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