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 Projects in Bansang Schools


Where we are able to help with local projects at schools around Bansang we will. This is supported by our own fundraising efforts and those of linked schools in the UK. We have supported two completed projects and currently two are in progress. As BEA trustees are not on the ground often in Bansang and internet connections are poor projects can take time to complete as monitoring them can be difficult. Despite this we have funded the development of an IT block and provided computers for this at Bansang Senior Secondary School and funded staff acommodation and improved security at Mabali Kuta School. Currently we are contributing to the building of Agape Nursery School and renovating the library at Bansang Upper Basic School.


Agape Nursery School

This school has been using a temporary classroom and church building for 10 years but in the last year with support from BEA, Galleywood Infant School and Empower The Gambia a permanent nursery school building is being built in the grounds of the church in Bansang.

Cement to commence brick building
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Bansang Upper Basic School

For several years the library at this school as in a run down state, uninviting for children to enter and study. Renovation commenced 18 months ago once the school appointed a volunteer librarian who tidied things up a bit. Once the school showed a willingness to help develop the library itself BEA was happy to work alongside them. So far progress has been made on the floor and ceiling with the roof needing to be raised to accommodate light, fans and air-conditionning. when progress is reviewed in November hopefully the final stages will be completed.

The library as was
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Mabali Kuta Staff Accommodation

This school is in a rural village which has little accommodation for staff. Any new school built these days automatically has accommodation for staff so reduces the need for teachers to rely on irregular transport or trek for miles to and from school. With wages being so low this has a large impact on staff morale. There is little security around Mabali school also, so having teachers on site will improve this as well as BEA attaching locks to classroom doors allowing equipment to be left safely in classrooms.

Local blocks to commence building
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Bansang Senior School Computer Lab

20 computers were donated to the school in early 2011, and initally kept in the IT lab at the school. However the school lacks electricity as there was no local supply to connect it to when it was built in 2008. The school depended on running expensive generators so decided to relocate the class to Bansang Town where there was a reliable morning and evening supply of electricity. BEA funded the conversion of the IT lab in town and provised necessary equipment. The school opens its doors in the evening for internet use and IT training for adults. This is able to finace to running costs of the classroom and electricity supply

Computers formed part of container sent in 2011
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