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Education as a way out of poverty



How you can help



 There are a number of ways you can help the Bansang Educational Appeal financially. You can opt to make:


1. One-off donations towards sponsoring students or other work of the charity


      There are often children struggling with one part of their education costs, but they can manage others. Some of last years grade 12 haven't received their results because they cannot find funding to pay their school fees arrears. One-off donations can be used to help these students or be put toward improving facilities of the schools.


2. One-off donations towards materials for the pupils at lower basic level


      At Lower Basic and upper Basic Level basic education is free, but children need uniform and shoes. Schools provide writing materials and books. These are often inadequate for the number of children attending. classes are crowded and few classrooms have sufficient tables and benches for their students.


3. On-going monthly commitments sponsoring specific students.


      Costs vary from year to year depending on the year students are in. The exchange rate is also variable. The total costs of 3 years  Senior Secondary School education have been calculated so sponsors can pay an average monthly cost that will cover 3 years education assuming the exchange rate is 50 Dalasi to the Pound. If this turns out not to be the case BEA will try and fund the difference through fundraising. The following chart shows cost options for monthly sponsorship. Previously girls have been exempt from school fees but this has now ended.  to balance this upper basci level education is now free. This has lead to an increase in sponsorship costs as senior level schooling is more expensive pre year than upper basic level was. Supplementary costs of uniform and sundries, extra study classes and books are included in our costs. Lunch is an additional extra.





BEA Sponsor Costs
per month
per year
cost to sponsor a child
cost to sponsor a child including lunch at school


      To donate by direct debit to BEA please print and fill out 2 copies of the direct debit form sending one to your bank and one to the BEA for our records. Alternatively, you can set up your own standing order and send one copy to BEA for our records.




      To donate by cheque please send your donation to: Bansang Educational Appeal
                                                                                  5 Byron Drive,
                                                                                  Wickham Bishops
                                                                                  CM8 3ND

If you would like to donate online you can use either Virgin Money Giving or Paypal. Please click on one of the links below
 which will take you to either secure site where you can enter the amount you would like to donate

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

 If you would like to sponsor a child please fill in the sponsor information form and return it to BEA with your standing order and gift aid form.


If you pay UK tax please also fill in the gift aid form if you are willing for BEA to claim tax back on your donations.

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September 21, 2018