Charity no 1139982
Education as a way out of poverty



Welcome to the Bansang Educational Appeal

           The Bansang Educational Appeal was set up in October 2008. It is a charity that aims to
 help the children of Bansang, The Gambia to complete their school education.

Why such a charity?

      The average monthly income is 720 Dalasi (£18) and currently a bag of rice to feed a family for a month costs 850 Dalasi. Most families find it difficult to fund the costs of their children going to school. Children who have lost one or both parents struggle to find sponsors to enable them to attend school. Education for girls is now free, thanks to both International Aid and the Gambian Government, but costs of uniform, books, shoes, extra study fees and writing materials still need to be met. Boys need to find money for these too, but they also have to pay both termly and examination fees.

September 21, 2018